Creating Your Own Deepfakes Without Coding Experience

Table of Contents

Deepfake Video Examples


Things you’ll need

  • A Google account
  • An image of what you want to animate
  • A video to extract the animation from
  • Some free time

Before starting

Sign in to your Google account

Connecting to the Google Colab

Creating your own deepfakes

(Step 1) Cloning the Repo

(Step 2) Change your directory

(Step 3) Mounting your Google drive folder on Colab

(Step 5) Create a folder called “first-order-model-motion” in your Google Drive

(Step 6) Loading your image and video

Just make sure that the ending of the path has the correct name, i.e. ‘…/your_image_file.png’ and ‘…/your_video_file.mp4’

(Step 7) Creating the model and loading the checkpoints

In the image above you see a square icon because I was already running it but you should see a play icon.

(Step 8) Creating the deepfake

(Step 9) Saving your deepfake


Using your own image

Using your own video

!ffmpeg -i /content/gdrive/My\ Drive/first-order-motion-model/my_video_file.mp4 -s 256x256 -c:a copy /content/gdrive/My\ Drive/first-order-motion-model/result.mp4

Video tutorials




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