5 Simple-To-Use APIs for Beginners

What Is an API?

Before talking about APIs you can use, I think we should understand what an API actually is and what it does.

Official Joke API

The first API I’ll be talking about will the simplest one on the list: The Official Joke API.


Shibe.Online API

The next API I’ll be talking about will be the shibes.online API. This is similar to the Jokes API I previously mentioned except instead of giving you back jokes it gives you back shibes. And who doesn’t like shibes, am I right?


Where the ISS At? API

This API is probably the coolest on this list in my opinion just because you’re’ able to track the ISS with it. Yes, you read that right, the International Space Station!



Do you like Pokemon? Did you ever want the power of the pokedex right at your fingertips? Well now you can with this API.


Open Trivia Database API

Finally we get to the final API on this list, the Open Trivia Database API. The Open Trivia Database is an assortment of trivia questions and answers and it has an API you can use for your own projects.


More APIs

Excited about finding more APIs and possibly even trying out more complex APIs, you can head over to this GitHub repo to check and see a plethora of APIs that are open-source and free to use.


Well that was it for this post. You can use one of the aforementioned APIs to create a project whether it be simple or complex.



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